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Welcome to our website.  We intend this page to be a quick and easy overview of the products we provide.


Just click on the manufacturer associated with the brief description for the type of items they fabricate.


We represent each of their product lines stocked in our warehouse facility or on a quoting basis.  click on the product list link where you will find more details of what we stock for quick delivery.

· Thermaflex – Producer of flexible, high efficiency, green certified duct products for HVAC applications.

· Ward Industries - Manufacturer of sheet metal products including Quick Flange, access doors, trapeze.

· Heating & Cooling Products - Manufacturer of Ultra Seal pipe, spins, elbows, reducers, caps, saddles.

· Roof Product Systems - Fabricator of portals, curbs, rails, curb adapters, rail pedestals, vibro curbs.

· Commercial Acoustics - Fabricator of sound attenuation solutions and double wall insulated walls.

· Acrefine Engineering - Manufacturers a wide range of seismic and vibration isolation products.

· Koch Filter - Manufacturer of air filtration systems for hospital, commercial, industrial, dust collector, etc...

· Heatfab - Fabricators of specialty flues AL29-4C for high efficiency boiler and assorted fuel burning appliances.

· LaPine - Fabricators of spiral and oval pipe-fittings available in all material types and eLoc (gasketed).

· Safe Air - Fabricators of volume & draft dampers, fire & fire/smoke dampers, energy dampers, louvers.

· Hart and Cooley - Producers of grilles, registers, diffusers, flex duct, ‘B’vent.

· Gripple - Manufacturer of cable hanger products for HVAC applications.

· Westaflex - Manufacturer of stretchable aluminum flex.

· Hardcast - Manufacturers of Leed conscious sealant and tape products.

· Aero Sonics - Fabricator of sound attenuation solutions and double wall insulated walls.

· Tutco - Manufacturer of electric duct heaters, contactors and switches.

· Milcor - Fabricator of commercial and industrial access door solutions.

· Mon-Eco - Producer of water and solvent base sealants.

· Venture - Producing a variety of specialized taping solution of HVAC applications.

· Kirk & Blum - Stainless clamp ductwork w/gasket for quick connections in fume, dust & mist exhaust.

· Kees Manufacturing - Fabricator of specialty products such as architectural grilles, hoods, penthouses.

· G-Strut - Fabricator of 12 gauge strut and accessories for sheet metal and piping.

· Fasteners and Accessories - TBI high hat Tek screws, drop-in anchors, beam clamps, stove bolts, Tek adapters, Caddy Clips, threaded rod, drive nails, reciprocating saw blades, blue protective film, silicone sealants, duct putty, duct tape, foil tape, drill bits, paint brushes, hammer drill bits, Tapcons, stainless steel hose clamps, duct clips, slips and drives, band iron, carriage bolts,


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